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"In today's increasingly complex business environment, business and human resources leaders often underestimate the proactive value of in-depth, high quality and comprehensive security and investigative services and unfortunately, the value is frequently recognized after something has gone terribly wrong. Infortal’s services were invaluable during a potentially devastating workplace violence situation and the guidance, expertise, partnership and prevention services provided by Candice and Infortal during this highly stressful situation earned the firm a lifelong customer. Although Candice is indispensable during any stage of an issue or process, I highly recommend engaging with her firm on a proactive basis to significantly reduce exposure and minimize risk. Each time I compare the quality, quantity and costs of services and expertise provided by Infortal Worldwide against other firms, I consistently find that Infortal is the firm of choice."

(Ms.) Shawn Hewitt
HR Director
Vital Connect


"When your own professional reputation is on the line and the safety and security of your Company is at risk, having Candice and Infortal on your side of the table assures a successful outcome. Not only do Candice and her staff understand the intricacies of security-related issues and interdiction strategies, they are able to execute decisively with superior professionalism. With Candice aboard, communicating the situation and recommended resolution effectively to C-level management has proven exceptionally valuable to me. I highly recommend Infortal to be your one-stop shop for expert risk management consulting."

Dave Martin
SAP Labs
Palo Alto, CA



"I enthusiastically recommend Candice and her team at Infortal Worldwide to anyone interested in high quality investigative work within the United States, or globally. They have provided invaluable expertise to me over the last five years, including very thorough, accurate and cost-effective background reports in support of our senior staff hiring activities."

Richard M. Swanson
SunPower Corporation



"Considering the investment of time and resources, reliable investigations are more important to our business than ever before. That is why we have made Infortal a key member of our team. Infortal’s advanced business due diligence investigations, protection & pre-employment screening services operated as a front line defense for our enterprise. Just as with our software, threat management protection on the Internet, Infortal provides a protective bridge between the needs of our company and the realities of today. Infortal provides the invaluable service that cannot be accomplished in-house through the interview process alone, because in today’s world not every job candidate is who you think they are, even at the Executive level. Infortal ensures quality hires, on-time delivery & integrity in every step of the process. I would highly recommend making Infortal a member of your team yesterday, today may be too late."

Paul A. Vagadori
Senior Director, Human Resources



"Our company believes in strong, long-term relationships and selected Infortal Worldwide after careful deliberation. Infortal has earned our trust in spades predicated upon their excellent and timely due diligence work product. For all of our hiring requirements, Infortal Worldwide is our partner of choice, and has been for several years."

Linda Bader
Director HR
SVB Financial Group



"We’ve worked with Infortal for nearly two years and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of their service. They have assisted us with background investigations of our new hires, including more expansive investigations when we have added to our management team. They have also supported us with other sensitive employee investigations. The breadth and depth of the reports they produce are incomparable. The team is responsive and attentive, displaying high attention to detail. Infortal is clearly an expert in this field and we look forward to working closely with them in the future."

Cynthia McAdam
General Counsel



"I first engaged Infortal to conduct a deep investigative report on a prospective high profile CEO hire. It involved investigation of the candidate's background both in the US and in a foreign country.


Candice Tal and her team were highly effective and efficient in gathering information that helped significantly round out the picture of the candidate's background.


My former firm, DLA Piper LLP, has used Infortal for years in connection with due diligence and special investigations relating to M&A transactions and high level hires and potential relationships, as well as for pre-employment screening on a broad basis. Their global network is extensive and works superbly.


All results have been exceptional.”


Tom French
Heffernan, Seubert & French LLP
Formerly Senior Partner at DLA Piper



"Our Executive Management team asked us to implement a best practices hiring program. We engaged Infortal Worldwide to deliver a turnkey process that would meet this high standard. In short order, Candice Tal, Infortal’s CEO, delivered a comprehensive hiring process that ensures we make informed hiring decisions. The favorable hiring metrics are demonstrably higher and hiring mistakes have been way, way down. From day one, it was the integrity of the Infortal team and their ability to deliver consistently timely and impeccable work that led to earning our trust and business. Infortal always exceeded our expectations and they continue to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible."

Tony Shelton, Ph.D.
Director of Corporate Staffing
Global technology company



"One of the main reasons we decided to go with Infortal is their high degree of accuracy as seen in the results of their work. Over 50% of job applicants have misrepresented their information; and almost 20% of these would be problematic hires. Infortal representatives are knowledgeable and work so well with our staff that we consider them an extension of our own company."

Shirley Chasen
Vice President, Human Resources
Technology Company



"Infortal Associates has helped us several times by supplying important and timely background information for evaluating potential partnerships and questionable new clients. Intelligence developed by Infortal has helped us maintain our good reputation and avoid business losses."

Steve Mangold
PRx Strategic Marketing Communications



"An excellent fit for our needs, Infortal offers tremendous service, flexibility, and the highest standards of accuracy we have seen anywhere."

Wendy Fitzloff
Director Human Resources
Technology Company



"As many executives know, the most important employer decision is the one that pertains to who actually gets employed. Every other employment related consideration flows from that crucial decision. Being committed to conducting a quality background check is a wise investment for every employer. Clients who have used Infortal’s background checking service have found it to be an easy, fast and reliable means for obtaining important data needed for making a completely informed hire / no-hire decision. Likewise, my personal experience with Ms. Tal and her team leads me to fully endorse Infortal’s onsite security services capability – a thoroughly professional and reassuring operation."

Byron Clendenen
HR Guidance



"The foundation of any successful business is the employee base. Having complete, solid data on which to make decisions for new hires is smart business & necessary for continued success. Infortal has proven to be a solid and reliable business partner with excellent customer service. We rely on Infortal to provide consistent and accurate reporting. Another benefit is that the reports are also in plain English, rather than jargon and acronyms. Every time we get information which leads to a no-hire decision, I feel like we have gotten our money’s worth, as it is a potentially costly mistake we avoided."

Harvey F.
Formerly Director of Employment
Global technology company



"Candice Tal and her investigative team deliver results swiftly and in the detail necessary to enable us to consistently make best practice hiring decisions. We have worked with Infortal for over 8 years and highly recommend their services."

Director Human Resources
International Labor & Employment Law Firm (San Francisco, CA)



"We began using Infortal at the beginning of this year. Immediately we saw a difference in not only the quality of background checks compared to our previous provider, but also the level of service that is provided. If we have a question, or need a clarification we are able to get a hold of someone immediately, and have our questions answered. We look forward to working with Infortal for many years to come!"

Human Resource Manager
National Online Marketing Company



"Infortal gave me peace of mind and accurate results. Not only was Candice and her team incredibly quick and completely thorough with the background check and references for our incoming nanny, but an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and humanity with what can be a very trying process for parents was made simple, quick and so much more comprehensive than we thought possible. Our child is our most precious asset and we know that Infortal will be there to help us make the right decisions!"

Jeff P. San Carlos


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