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Privacy Policy
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Infortal Worldwide is an Investigative Consumer Reporting Agency (ICRA) under the provisions of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Infortal Worldwide is also a licensed Investigative Agency in the state of California (PI License 15304 CA), which is regulated by the state Department of Consumer Affairs.


Infortal’s privacy policy is very straightforward; we believe in every consumer’s right to accurate and secure information. We will not sell or provide personal information about you, except as identified in this Privacy Policy. We may process information provided about you when received through our website.


We collect and verify consumer information in accordance with written Disclosure & Authorization forms for pre-and post-employment screening purposes. We also collect information related to investigations by employers who may be concerned about wrongdoing, malfeasance or misconduct against their company. All data collected is maintained in secure files or on Infortal’s secure website. We specialize in security and maintain clear and strict policies on the use and processing of all confidential information to protect the consumer’s privacy.


Infortal Worldwide does not participate in offshoring the personal and private information of U.S. applicants and employees. This is an important step in protecting the identity of U.S. employees from overseas security breaches and to protect against identity theft. Infortal does check international applicants, employees and executives or other individuals that may have a history of living, working or being educated internationally at the direction of our client. In such cases, Infortal complies with the U.S. Safe Harbor Act which reciprocally complies with the EU Data Protection Act, and similar regulations in other countries. Infortal makes every effort to protect the privacy of each person’s information and we work internationally with investigators who also believe in keeping such information confidential.


Upon request, a consumer may request a copy of the information contained in their consumer file under the FACTA Act. Please click here to see a Summary of Your Rights under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) of 2003 which amended the FCRA. To request this information please send your request to: Chief Information Security Officer, Infortal Worldwide, 4800 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054, and include your contact information so that we may verify who you are before we provide any information to you.


Infortal maintains information for 7 years in compliance with California State laws governing licensed investigators. Any hard copy files that are destroyed are done so in accordance with document disposal guidelines issued by the Federal Trade Commission.


Infortal Worldwide reserves the right to change or modify this privacy policy.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)


Infortal keeps personally identifiable information, such as date of birth and social security number, strictly confidential. The only time this information may be sent overseas is when a client specifically requests that we conduct a background check or other investigation of a person that currently lives, or has lived, overseas.

In such cases, where the person or employee has lived overseas, Infortal complies with the U.S. Safe Harbor Act. For example: we do not share their personal information with unknown third parties; we first contact the educational facility, employer, or financial institution to locate the correct person to contact and then conduct a verification of the information provided to us.


Safe Harbor Act Compliance


Infortal Worldwide strongly believes in and maintains a policy of protecting personal and private data collected on our clients’ employees, job candidates, vendors and contractors, or other individuals that reside in countries that are part of the European Union.


We certify that we comply with the provisions of the Safe Harbor principles of the US Department of Commerce. We follow and comply with the practices of the European Commissions’ Directive on Data Protection.




The data collected by Infortal Worldwide is used for screening individuals and for employment purposes including pre-and post-employment screening, and may be used in cases where a suspicion of misconduct or wrong-doing against an employer is of concern.


When we are working for corporate clients, the information is typically reviewed by HR or security professionals or management at our client companies, or occasionally by their HR consultants.

Data obtained for the purposes of pre-employment consideration is only obtained with the candidate (job applicant’s) explicit consent on the Fair Credit Reporting act Disclosure and Authorization notice, in compliance with US federal regulations.


Cookies & Tracking Information


Infortal Worldwide collects stores and uses non-personal information to improve the design, use and functionality of our website. We use “cookies” (small text files) to track the following types of information:


  • Date & time you have accessed Infortal’s website
  • Your IP address and the website that you used to access Infortal Worldwide
  • Browser type you use to access the internet
  • The information you viewed while visiting our website, number of visits, and time spent on each web page


Changes to this Privacy Policy


Infortal Worldwide reserves the right to change or modify this privacy policy at any time. Infortal Worldwide may acquire other companies, or may be acquired. In such cases the collection of information by Infortal Worldwide may be reviewed or transferred as part of the assets under review. Infortal Worldwide would only allow the review of such information as permitted by law and only then under confidentiality agreements to protect the interests of consumers.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact:


Candice Tal
Infortal Worldwide
4800 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara CA 95054


Call for a free consultation
1 (800)-736-4999